Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Easter My Peeps

The kids have been busy today.  All of my Easter decorations are in the garage, out of my reach...fancy that.  Also, a little known fact about me is that I really DO NOT like coloring eggs.  Luckily I forgot to get supplies while at the store last night so I had to think of some other activities to do the kiddos. So, we got crafty and made some of our own treats and decorations today since everyone was home from school. 

The older two cut out letters out of scrapbook paper, J glued them onto the penant shapes, and I taped them onto strip to make our "Happy Easter" banner.
Then we make sandwich cookies from two Pilsbury Easter themed cookies with strawberry icing in between by L and PT.  And to top it off, J's job was to roll them in sprinkles!

PT decorated the window with the eggs, chicks, and bunnies (of course) that they all made either at school or at home from scraps from the banner project.
And finally, I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing (Yummy).  L wrote catchy phrases on paper and taped them to skewers...Hoppy Easter!, Some bunny is thinking of you., You are so tweet., etc.  (I wonder where she gets the love for word plays?)  Then they were topped off with a Peep. 

We are done...actually I am done.  Now they are relaxing and watching a movie together while JJ naps and I get some things done (a.k.a. blogging and laundry).  I hope that you all have a very blessed weekend and hopefully get to spend some extra time with family. 

Hoppy Easter My Peeps.

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Tricia said...

The decorations were eggs-cellent!