Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday Funnies- J's Vocabulary Lesson

My three year old is a surprises me all of the time.  She insists that she plans to marry a  little boy we know.  His older sister told him and now he is shy around her sometimes.  We have discouraged any "boyfriend" talk so she reminds me that she is talking about when they grow up...not now.  (I stand corrected.) 

Well this morning she was telling L about her "boyfriend."  L quickly scolded her and said that "He's not your boyfriend!"  J looked right at her and said, "He's okay with it now.  He's adjusted."

What??  Did I hear her correctly?  What 3 year old uses the word, "adjusted"?

I asked, "J, do you know what hat means."

She said, "It means he's used to it now."

Of course I don't want her talking about boys....ever! But her unexpected vocabulary cracks me up. 

The other day at the bus stop, she very matter-of-factly stated, "Mom, I toot and yawn so that my body will know when I need to poop or sleep." (Pause) "And I am sorry that the first part of what I said was inappopriate (aka inappropriate)."  

I don't know where those verbal skills will take her in life but I hope she uses them for good.  Wish us luck.

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