Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Had The Talk

So it happened.  I had the initial "birds and bees" talk with our 8 year old. 

No it wasn't prompted by some inappropriate language on the bus, HBO left on the T.V., or an over-sexualized society.  What sparked the discussion you might ask??  The BIBLE!

L came up to me and quietly stated, "Uh Mom, there are these two girls in the Bible and (now whispering) they had S-E-X with their father."  GULP!!

I motioned for her to join me in the other room so that her siblings didn't get in the conversation.  I asked, "Do you know what that is?"  She stated, "I am pretty sure that it involves some nakedness....In science, we learned about eggs being fertilized to make a baby so I think it might have to do with that too."

She and I were grinning at each other the whole time. It was like watching a train wreck...neither one of us could look away. 

 I confirmed her suspicion about "nakedness," and (in simple terms) explained the basics.  

Her response...."That is disgusting!!"  I have to admit that I was actually a little happy to hear her say that.  However, I also didn't want to freak her out either.  I told her that it is supposed to be disgusting right now because she is so young however, she'd feel differently when she was married and wanting to start a family.  I reassured her that she not worry herself about it now and emphasized that she never repeat this information to her peers or siblings.  After all, they should have that discussion with their own parents.  

I remained casual and light hearted (on the outside).  I reminded her that she should always bring me her questions vs. asking friends because they are clueless too and I will always give her an answer.  

The real kicker was when we were rapping up the conversation.   I could tell that she was still processing outloud when she sort of mumbled, "Well you and Dad don't...Oh my gosh!  You do! You have kids!!!"  I just looked at her and nodded in confirmation and we both laughed and groaned in embarrassment. The look on her face was indescribable.   Her reply was, "I may never look you in the eye again." All I could say was, "Sweetie, I may never look you in the eye either." 

I asked her if she had any other questions and frankly, life just kept marching on.  (However, she did avoid eye contact and made some faces at me that day. )  I found my husband and shared the story and we just laughed.  I am sure that I didn't handle it perfectly but I did that best that I could on a moment's notice.  I knew that the conversation was coming but I never thought that a Bible story would get he ball rolling. 

Have any of you had the "talk" and what sparked it??

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Tricia said...

Love love love it and so glad you're first and I'm learning from your situations!! ;)