Friday, April 29, 2011

The (Not So) Royal Wedding

Eleven years ago today, I married my "prince."  We share our anniversary with Prince William and Kate Middleton (they of course called ahead for permission, ha ha).  While their wedding was watched by millions this morning, I scoured the aisles for the perfect card for H.  The littlest girls and I filled the cart with some of his favorite things to show that we know him so well...just simple gestures.

Our wedding was not a big-budget affair.  It was simple and traditional.  It wasn't "royal" but it was the closest I have ever felt to it.  Most of the flower arrangements and decorations were handmade by my Mom.  We were blessed enough to have so much love and support from our parents.  Our siblings, family, and friends were there to celebrate with us too.  We were married at my childhood church and the reception was at his.  I was not pampered by "ladies in waiting" but I was surrounded by my very best friends who were so fun and generous (Thank you ladies!). 

I am happy for the newest married couple.  I hope that they are surrounded by support not just for this day but for the rest of their days together.  We have felt the support of our loved ones throughout the past 11 years during the birth of 3 children, the placement of our foster child, journey toward adoption, job changes and job losses, the death of my Mom, and a few housing moves. 

But most of all, I am happy to share my life with a smart man with so much integrity and generosity.  He tolerates my everything and seems to make me feel as though my quirks might just be endearing to him.  He is an incredible father to our kids.  We have fun and we work as a team.  Happy Anniversary, H!  Can't wait to see what this next year brings. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to the Happiest couple I know. Love always. Sis

Tricia said... it!