Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Funnies: 10 X 100

PT is a first grader.  He is loving school and is always trying something new.  Lately, it has been math. 

We were all sitting around the dinner table, and PT was staring off into space. This usually means that he is creating something in his head or is deep in thought about how to save the world as a future scientist/archaeologist/toy maker.  All of a sudden, he asked us, "Hey, 10 times 100 is 1000, right?"  My husband and I replied, "Yes buddy.  Good job.  How did you figure that out?"

Then there was a pause (a suspicious pause, I might add) and the innocent math discovery took a turn.  That little turd looked right at me, grinned, and said with a zing, "I measured your underwear!"

By now, you have seen a theme of our kids catching us off guard with their zingers.  The whole family burst into laughter.  He had the audience he'd always dreamed of. 

What am I going do with that kid?

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