Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sharing Saturday- Week 7

I reminded PT that it was his choice this week and he replied (really thoughtfully), "I want to give to the blind.  You know, the place with the rainbow painted pig in front of it.  You know, we pass it on the way to L's softball practice." 

H and I looked at each other in complete confusion.  Poor PT kept trying to describe this wonderful place and we just weren't getting it.  All of sudden, it hit me.  "PT, are you talking about the place on the corner that sells blinds?" I asked.  He looked embarrassed as he shyly replied, "Oh yeah."  This whole time he thought that place was serving blind individuals instead of selling blinds and window treatments.

H and I grinned at each other as my heart melted with his sweet innocence.  We quickly started talking about places that do serve the blind and his confidence seemed to bounce back.

This week, we will be donating to the Clovernook Center.  The serve individuals with visual impairments and their mission is stated as...
"to empower people who are blind and visually impaired to be self-sufficient and full participants in their communities.
Clovernook provides comprehensive program services including training and support for independent living, orientation and mobility instruction, vocational training, job placement, counseling, recreation, and youth services.
In addition, our Business Operations provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, while at the same time manufacturing high-quality products for customers across the country."

When researching resources for the blind, I also came across the Blind Cafe.  If anyone is interested, check out their website for dinner theater opportunities in the dark in various cities.  They work with blind and sighed individuals in the city where they are performing to raise awareness about blindness while entertaining.

I hope that you all are having a good weekend!!  I have missed blogging but I made the mistake of wishing (out loud) that I had a mom's "office day."  Therefore, I became ill and was quarantined from the computer and from life in general.  The last time I stated that I needed an "office day" I came down with a horrible case of strep.  I think it is a conspiracy!  Feeling better now and enjoying an afternoon at home with the family. 

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