Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sharing Saturday- Week 6

L loves animals!  Since this week is her choice she quickly decided to give to an animal shelter.  The subject of this photograph is our dog, Grady.  I was looking for a dog at various rescues 5 years ago, and surprisingly I found her at a local Kroger store, after learning of an organization called HART.  The animals that HART rescues from euthenazia, abuse, and neglect go into volunteer foster care homes or are boarded at vet clinics while they wait for adoption.  They then have events at local stores where potentially adoptive families can meet the animals and their foster families.  It was a great opportunity to really learn about Grady first hand from those who were caring for her.  I remember them being sad to see her go but happy for the new family she had found.  There was an application process and fees, interview, and a few follow up calls to make sure that a good match had been made.  The rest is history. 

So whether you want to adopt, foster, or donate feel free to check our HART's website.  The mission statement below is from the website and gives you more information about their services.  We <3 HART and think that you will too.

* HART places all rescued animals in foster homes vs shelter

* All HART animals receive:

o Top notch veterinarian care and all currently needed vaccinations

o Specialized treatment and surgeries as needed

o Home Again microchips

o Spays and neuter of all animals

* Hart members share the same goal to save, spay, and neuter all of our rescued animals with love and respect

* We are a 100% volunteer, non profit, 501C3 charity organization with no paid staff of any kind

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