Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am in a mood.

I was just taking a quick break to catch up on some reading (of blogs) before I clean up for tomorrow's early morning therapy session and visit from J's preschool teacher.
Then, I just needed to stop, which is weird because I love to do this.

Just for tonight, I can't look at any more beautiful and artistic photography, read eloquent and clever posts, or admire/envy the creative projects that others are or have created.  

This usually totally inspires me, but tonight, not so much.


I am tired, have a few mundane things ahead of me tonight, and I feel a bit crotchety.  I don't seem to have time for the creative projects that I used to do.  I can't post a picture of my kids for a simple, quick and enjoyable post.  My photography is nothing special, although my little models usually are.  Although, I have thought of adding or changing things on the blog, I haven't had the energy to research the how-to's. 

I am not sure where my corny jokes and late night energy has gone tonight.  I am sure it will pass.  
Sorry to be such a BLAHger.  (Get it?  BLAH-ger...the corny is coming back!)

So, just for tonight, I am not going to look for inspiration.  
I am going to clean, have a beer, and go to bed.  In the morning, I am going to leave Pissy Krista behind...
and get my blogger-fix tomorrow.

So here's to anyone who has had a momentary funk and here's to a better day tomorrow. 
Good night all!

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Tricia said...

Hope that beer was a good one!