Monday, August 29, 2011

In Capoops

These sisters are in cahoots.
Rather, I should call it "in capoops."

Although CM is mostly potty trained, inevitably she decides to drop a load in her pull-up at nap time.
And so does our usually constipated, JJ.

H and I walked in there on Saturday, and the smell darn near knocked me over.
What's worse than one messy diaper...two!

H and I each took one and set up camp with two changing pads, Kroger bags for trash, and a pack of wipes between us.

J came in and stated, "Now I know why there is a mommy and a daddy in the family.  Because if you have two babies poop in their diaper at the same time, they each can change one."

Well now you know why?

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