Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Too Many Puppies

J: Not everyone has to have babies, right?

Me: Right.

J: Because we gave Grady (our dog, fyi) a shot so that she couldn't have puppies, right?

Me: Well, yes.  Sort of.  Why?

J: They should give those dogs in the book one of those shots too.  They have TOO many puppies.  That is why we are not allowed to go the doggie adoption place because we already have one.

Me: Yes, but what book are you talking about?

J: The one Grandma read to me (several days prior).

Me: 101 Dalmations?

J: (With a slight tone of disgust.) Yeah, they have TOO many puppies!


First of all, we have read that book to her quite a few times in her 4 year life.  I wonder how long she has been pondering doggy birth control??

Second of all, I wonder if she's noticed that we have quite a few "puppies," also know as children, at our house.  I don't think she'd be a fan of the Duggars.  Who knows?

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