Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vision Board

Thanks to Oprah, here is my vision board from several years ago.
I came across it when I was filing some papers.  I remember making it after watching a show where a woman wrote her goals on paper and buried it in Africa (I think)...leading to her ultimate and overwhelming success.  The board didn't cause all of that, but it was a tool to be intentional about her future.

Finding mine, although not buried under a rock but rather under 15 pounds of paperwork, made me smile.
Has it worked?  Where am I now? How has my vision changed?

I have listed each of ones I included...
  • Listen (with the picture of the Caucasian woman talking to the African American boy):  I have tried to be better with giving my kids eye contact when they talk.  Still need to work on actively listening instead of forming a response in my head too quickly.  I believe at the time of creating this board, we were planning to adopt a son from Ethiopia.  Funny how things we have 2 African American daughters added to our bunch!
  • Lend a Helping Hand: Definite progress here.  We are trying to be more involved physically and financially with others in need and we have tried to bring the children along with us.  Ther is always more we hope to do.
  • Rise to the Challenge: I am in the throws of this now.  I am praying that I can meet the challenge of raising these 5 children and be woman I am meant to be.  We will see where I am in a few years.
  • 4: This one cracks me up.  It is funny, each time H and I have a plan...God changes our mind.  If I were to redo my board, it would say something like, more!
  • Flexibility: This is hard for me in certain settings and in other situations, a piece of cake.  I have told others that I am a type-A at heart yet God gave me these kids, and now I am a C- at best.  Sometimes we bend so we won't break.
  • In Praise: Always needs more focus in my life.  This will always be a goal of mine.  I try to tell myself that I am not overwhelmed but over-blessed.  (Sometimes it works.)
  • Worry-Free: Never gonna happen my friends.  I however am trying to let go of more things and give it to God to resolve.
  • Vacations: Oh yeah! I love to go on vacation and we have done okay with this.  I am already looking up large beach houses for next year with H's whole family. Now, to spend a little time with just my husband...
  • Be brave. Be smart. Be you.: Hard to say since my children have sucked out several of my IQ points :)  Still corny. Still welcoming chaos. Still dramatic.  Still a little forgetful.  Still hopeful.
  • Sweet Dreams: Don't know where I was going with this one...maybe I was sleep deprived at the time.  Oh well, yes I need to be better about getting to bed and getting up a better time.  My poor hubby needs this too from me.
  • Comfort: Since losing my mom 3 years ago, comfort and relief have been things I have longed for.  Not a day goes by without a feeling of loss yet I now am comforted by memories of a our very close relationship.  I could not have done this without the love of others.  Thank you all!
  • Mother: Continues to be my proudest title.
  • ADOPT: Still an goal that we are desperately chasing...Come on aleady!
  • Fun Activities: We definitely try to do this with the kids.  I should probable plan more fun activities more myself, with the hubby and friends.
  • Pick Up a Friend: I try to keep in touch with friends via phone, Facebook, blogs, etc.  I could be better at remembering what they are going through and be more thoughtful.
  • No Back Talk: Witty comebacks...okay.  Rude...not.  This goes for me or my kids.  We'll need to keep up on this for the next...well forever really.
  • Change Habits:  Still lacking in the healthy habits department as well as with reading the Bible.  This vision board is a good reminder.
  • Get Free Stuff: I must have been having a foreshadow of episodes of Extreme Couponing or something.  Don't know, but I am not rolling in the free stuff.  I don't even like sending in rebate forms.
  • Afford It: Maybe I thought that I could afford things if I "get free stuff."  No seriously, we are doing fine and goals are in place.  Now to find a new job to keep it going.  I believe, at the time, we were fretting over how to finance the international adoption that we were planning.
  • Each Day She Prays: I usually pray as I wake up.  It sort of sets my focus for the day and starts me off in the praise department.  Otherwise, I am praying whenever I need to.  I must work on praying more often for a first line of defense (so to speak) vs. after I have complained to my husband or friends.
  • Dinner? Done.: I was talking about this with H.  Now that school has started, I want to do more meal planning.
  • You can make a difference. We will continue to try to use our time and skills to help in small ways.  Sharing Saturdays (see posts) have helped us as well.  As foster parents, we feel as though the difference is being made in us as well.
  • Dare to Explore: Maybe I should actually take the cake decorating class H got me for a gift.  Otherwise, blogging was a new area for me.  It has been about 6 months and I still enjoy it!  We are choosing more and more that activities with 4-5 small kids can be done.  After all, if we wait until they are all more independent, the two oldest will be approaching more difficult tween/teen years.  Now or never, right?
  • Faith: Growing everyday.
  • GOD: At the center of the vision board and will continue to be. 
  • A Table for Everyone: We finally got one at Ikea when we remodel.  See the picture here!! Plus it has 2 more leaves.  Come on over for dinner.  I'll call for pizza, of course.
As for the future, most of these words represent my intention for our family and our future.  I may get out a magazine and add a few things. If nothing else, I have to change the 4 to a 5!

What would your vision board say??


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