Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Is How We Roll: Roadtrip

Sometimes I feel like our minivan resembles a clown car.  It only gets worse when we go on a roadtrip because Heaven knows that I am not traveling with these four by plane for a while.

 We have found a few things really helpful for traveling with 4 young kids...most of which get car sick.

 1) We gave up using suitcases...too odd shaped to fit with this gigantic Sit-N-Stand stroller.  (There is actually an umbrella stroller and a baby backpack behind it, too.) 
The bins fit really well and we can stuff a lot into them.

 2) We don't have a ton of bells and whistles in our van, but the storage in the floor of our Dodge Caravan is priceless.  We store swim gear, jumper cables, diapers, and groceries that are odd shaped under there.

 3) DVD player with headphones...a must!  They can watch a DVD, while H 
and I listen to a book or music CD.

 4) This drawer under the front passenger seat if full of little novelties (PEZ dispenser, Etch-a-sketch, ring pops) that break up the trip.  In the past when we have traveled really far, we have had a new movie, magic trick toys, or travel games in there. We just break up the trip a little bit with little surprises.

 5) Each kid has a back pack that they fill with their favorite "stuff" to keep them busy.  This usually includes things like a DS, books, little toys, a lovey, sunglasses, small blanket, etc. 
If it doesn't fit, they can't take it.

We also move around the car seats so that one bigger kid is with a smaller kid.  This way they can help reach their cup for them or open a snack.  L's backpack has a few toys for JJ too.

 6) Of course, we pack snacks and extra batteries for their DS or headphones.   As for drinks, we usually fill up a sports bottle with ice water for each of them to drink along the way
...or until then next Happy Meal with a drink.

7) Last but not least, for our easily car sick family...we have gum (Anyone tried the Dessert Delights?  Sounds gross to me but the kids love it.), Dramamine, and if all else fails, plastic bags. 

I know a lot of you are traveling this summer or have traveled with kids in the past.  Got any suggestions you'd like to share.  We all could use the help.  

For now, this is how we roll.

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Tricia said...

I think you covered everything we do. However I usually pack lunches to avoid mcd's if possible on one day. So I usually have a small cooler with sandwiches, cheese sticks, fruit etc. to stop at a rest area for lunch. And your van has some very cool compartments! Good idea to pack in totes.