Friday, August 12, 2011

We Have a Winner

I have essentially fallen off the blogging map this week.
Hubby out of town, sick kid, and hours spent making an scrapbook of our vacation on 
Shutterfly have taken over my little windows of opportunity to write.

Today, L and I had a good time teasing each other.  It was a little battle of quick thinking.  
Follow me to discover the winner.

L has a pair of flip-flops that she LOVES.

The above mentioned shoes STINK.  We are talking air pollution/make me gag kind of stink.  Today we purchased some new flip-flops that she LOVES (on clearance, of course) that do not stink.  I told L that when she put her new shoes away, she could just throw the old ones in the trash. Makes sense, right?

L's whined as if I was asking her to give me her a kidney or something... "But I love them."  "You can just wash them again, right?" "Well, no I don't really know what I'll do with them."

We bantered back and forth as she playfully begged for me to keep those nasty shoes.  
She was clearly trying to see if I'd cave.  So I did.

"Sure honey, you can keep them." I said.  Accepting defeat...or so she thought.

Then when she wasn't looking, I cut the strap that goes between her toes. Hehehe.

This is what she later found...

Yes, I totally stooped to a new low.  
She was shocked!  She smiled and said, "But you said that I could keep them."

"Yes, honey but I never said that you could still wear them :)"

We laughed.  The battle was over.  I won. 
I am officially the Most Immature Mother Ever!!

NOTE: When I went to take a picture, she added this little note.


Tricia said...

That's awesome!

Meg said...

Love it! I will have to remember that one!

Carrie said...

Funny! I love her playful note, complete with the butterfly. It's true love.

Krista said...

@Meg- Remember it but be prepared for her to plot revenge. I thing L's got something brewing.
@Carrie- She is sweet, yes, and just a little sneeky...gets it from H.
@Tricia- If I don't keep winning battles, you get her when she's a teenager <3