Monday, August 22, 2011

They Are Trying to KILL Me!

Today is the first day of school for L and PT.  J doesn't start her preschool program for a few more weeks. Everyone had breakfast, clean clothes, new backpacks, a good night sleep (minus the extra sleep), and each made it to the bus on time.  No tears.  A good start to the day, I might add.

Many parents can't wait for this day...not me!

The school has taken from me the two kids that I can rationalize with, some of the time at least.
It has left me with 3 children, all girls, who are all born within 2.5 years (4, 2, and 1 year old).
Today, these children whom I love with all my heart are mere SAVAGES.

The scene has included a toddler who is navigating a colossal transition, following me around so closely while repeating "Mommy" and "Why" so many times that my head is spinning.  Now JJ, loves CM so much that she follows her around, thus follows me around too.  Not to mention, my heart fills with guilt for not having just a little more patience with this.  I carry her, hug and kiss her, smile, read books with 3 on my lap, answer a million questions, and constantly break up squabbles.  Did I mention that we have had some trouble using our words vs. our hands or feet when we are frustrated?  Was I expecting my 2 year old to skip this lovely stage?  Unrealistic I know.  Insert, more guilt.

I eventually sent my hubby a text saying the following... 
"Is this parenting or am I watching a cock fight?"

He called and I relayed to him that the kids are essentially trying to kill me.  I complained...
I am trying to find multiple time-out spots at the same time while trying to keep JJ safe.  I made sure everyone was entertained and asked J (yes I know she's only 4) to help me by making sure no one opened the basement door while I grabbed the laundry.  After all, she is the only one who can open it.  She agreed, and I literally ran downstairs.  Within 2-3 minutes, J and CM came downstairs tattling on each other.  Something about spitting!  I freak out because I don't want JJ to fall down the steps.  I climb over the stack of laundry and make it up the steps.  NO JJ!  Where is the baby??  I run to the stairs going up to the bedrooms that is blocked by a gate for safety.  The gate is moved and JJ sits at the very top of the stairs with her sisters up in their rooms.  AHHHH!

We all survive this incident, I got out the crayons, the music toys, turned on Sesame Street, gave more hugs, and intervened to prevent or breakup more silly squabbles.  As I was reading another book, J snuck up behind me and put her ice pack down my shirt to be funny. AHHHH!

When they were playing quietly, I folded a little laundry and the girls' "Mommy is accomplishing something radar" went off.  The older two climbed onto the couch, onto the folded laundry while JJ grabbed what she could reach and pulled it onto the floor.  AHHHH!

H interrupts my tirade to tell me, by the way, "I am being sent out of town for a day or so in a few weeks."  I did not have a supportive response.  Poor guy. It isn't his fault but at the moment, I didn't care.
Good thing he is forgiving. (Right honey?)

Now my dear readers, doesn't that sound like they all are really trying to kill me??

I got off the phone.  Within minutes, I got a message to confirm what we had suspected.  My current job no longer needs me to work my one day during the week because of over staffing.
Add to to-do list...find new job.

I went on to make lunch, give more hugs, and count the minutes until glorious NAPTIME!!!

My friends, I know that there are moms out there having real problems today.  I am just a bit dramatic, and my troubles this morning were just funny when I added them all up and a bit overwhelming.  I wanted to write about them before I became rational.  I am feeling much better already.  Thank you left-over pizza for joining me in my brief pity party. I need to run before blissful naptime ends!!


uncle tony said...

God knew what He was doing when He children to young people. And He then blesses you with grandchildren.

Tricia said...

What a day. You have thoroughly exhausted me...night night.

Carrie said...

Now THAT'S real motherhood! It's so tiring, and it can easily send you into irrationality! The following-around plus the un-doing of the folded laundry would have made me snap. You're doing an awesome job, Krista!