Friday, July 22, 2011

"Simply" Perfect

This birthday has been great!
It has been filled with simple and thoughtful gifts and birthday wishes.

I woke up this morning to...

Freshly baked cinnamon rolls, 2 dozen roses, and Lime tortilla chips (my fav) from my hubby.
Notice that they are on our new kitchen table that he put together last night.  Love that guy!

Then, as all confident 35 year old women who have turned 29 seven times, do on the morn of their birthday, I dyed my hair.
Bye bye gray hairs...for 4-6 weeks at least.

With my hair all-a-goo, all of my dreams came true.  Starbucks delivered to my house!!
Not really, but my dear friend Tricia did.  Yeah!!

Then my sweet L presented me with my gift.

How clever is she? This is a card that is also a frame on the back.
Notice her wording: "Jokes so bad it's funny"

Then J gave me her gift.  Man, was she excited!
There is a picture of she and I, an orange silly band, and a piece of cardboard with eye stickers on it.

She said that the eyes will make me happy when I am sad.  It has made me very happy already.

PT suddenly remembered that he never finished the project he was making for me.  Instead, I
received a private reading of a comic he wrote.  He said he wrote it when he "was like 5."
The best plot ever: super hero fights off toilet-themed super villains. 
I am not sure if he meant to, but he has hugged me freely at least 3 times today!!!

I spent lunch time at a friend's house. 
We got to chat while our many kids played and put on a show for us.
Thank goodness for the little ones' naptime that followed.

H came home from work and surprised me with a frame that I have wanted from Pier 1 Imports.
It has room for 5 pictures and says, "May all of your dreams come true."
I am hoping to fill it with little faces.

H grilled out burgers and we had a simple and yummy dinner at home.
We had chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream for dessert and I was serenaded by a
choir of children as they sang, "Happy Birthday."

I have had a few minutes to read messages on Facebook and listen to phone messages.  I am
thankful for the birthday wishes.

Tomorrow, I get to go out to breakfast.  Just me and my dad.  It's a date!
We'll have dinner with H's family on Sunday.  Carrot cake, yum!

As I blog and watch Pay It Forward, H is cleaning up the dishes so that we can have some time together and possibly
get a whole night's sleep. What more could a girl ask for, seriously?

I am happy today.  I am blessed to have family and friends whom I love so much.  I am so thankful to each of them.  Life is good and today was crazy at times simply perfect.

Even if I am 35 already!


Kara said...

35 was harder for me than 30 for some reason. Good for Tricia to bring you Starbucks. Happy birthday!

Tricia said...

So glad you enjoyed your day!!

Krista said...

Kara: 30 and 35 haven't bothered me much but I do avoid mirrors more!
Tricia: Thanks again. I got a "faith, hope, and charity" bead for my bracelet.