Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do We Have To Have Quiet Time EVERY DAY??

Well, everyone is past having a naptime except JJ (and CM when she's with us).  However, I haven't been feeling very good over that last few days, therefore, I have needed a few minutes of calm around this place to lessen my headaches.  I have went back to instituting a little "quiet time" or "down time" in the afternoon when possible.  They can read, play very quietly, or sleep.  With all of the time in the sun, later bedtimes,
and summertime fun we all seem to need it.

Today, PT said "Mom, do we have to have quiet time EVERY DAY??"

My simple reply, "Yes."

Sometimes parenting can feel like treading water.  Sometimes you just need to make it to the
shore to take a quick "breather" before you jump right back into it.  Believe me, my "breather" usually involves getting a task completed that has been undone for way too long, paperwork completed, posts written, mail read, or phone calls are finally returned.  There are no bon-bons involved (however, at the moment I am having a piece of the kids' confiscated candy without them knowing).

What do you all do to recharge?

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Tricia said...

We've been lacking quiet time this week and I'm missing it most!