Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remodel Update

I haven't blogged in way too long but frankly, remodel ups and downs,
multiple doctor and therapy appointments, a head cold, a leak in the basement, a trip to Columbus to shop with friends (so fun), swim lessons, and go-go-go with the kids has taken over.

As for the remodel, it is starting to look great and we are beginning to see it all come together. 
Here is a little picture tour. 
Lookin' good.
But what's up with the hole in the great room wall?

 Uh oh!! We noticed over the weekend that water was leaking through the basement dry wall ceiling and had gotten our carpet wet as well. We discovered (with a plumber's help) that when a screw (that was in a pipe) was unscrewed, a leak formed and was running down the inside of the wall.  Great huh?
Good thing it is fixable.  Brett is patching the holes that we now have in the kitchen and our great room, and will address the basement ceiling as needed.  Soon we won't even know that it happened.

Here's the new cabinets.

 The desk area.
 The sink and stove areas with the new microwave.  The best part is that I read the numbers on this one vs. our old one.  (By the way, anyone want a black, large countertop microwave that cooks well (even has a popcorn button) but the digital numbers aren't readable?  Free to a good home.)
This island is my favorite.  The drawers are deep and the cabinet on the right has a pot and pan organizer. 

Brett from The Boss Home Improvement and Remodeling has kept the project moving right along.  The countertop is being made, backsplash tile is chosen, and a few minor ceiling and wall touch ups stand between us and a completed project. 

 I would also love to show you the picture of the updated bathroom (Thanks honey.) but my camera battery just died and the charger must be packed away in one of the many boxes in the basement or garage.
Wish me luck on finding that. 


meg said...

Love it! Looking great!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Krista said...

Meg, thanks :)

Kara said...

I hope to have an island someday. It's looking great.

Anonymous said...

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