Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitchen: Finally Finished Friday!

I have a functioning kitchen and half bath now.  I have a kitchen table that will seat my whole family so I am not standing at the counter (unless I want to).  I am happy to announce that the remodel is over (mostly).  Now we do have a few things to do to finish it off, but the contractor part is finished. 
We still need to put everything away, put up the new lights, touch up paint on walls and ceiling, and one more coat of slate sealer is needed on the backsplash before the face plates can be put back on,
but it feels great to see it all come together. 
We love it.

Here's a few BEFORE pictures...

Now the AFTER pictures...
 Our new table from IKEA.  It is big now but has 2 more leaves, so come on by for dinner.

This is the overall look.  We'll add another stool to the island and one to the office area.

Like my little rooster book ends?  I am still undecided but I love the slate backsplash I got on clearance.

These are basic tan curtains from Wal-Mart with a ribbon sewn onto the bottom for a little pizazz.  Thank you Grandma for your help!

The updated half bathroom.  A little boring but I am working on adding color and frames.

Our solid surface countertop and sink, along with a shiny new faucet.  I missed having a kitchen sink the most.  So glad to have it and the dishwasher back!

I guess that I actually have to cook now.  ERR.

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Tricia said...

OMG - can't wait to see it in person! Looks awesome.