Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Recruiting!!

NEEDED: (2-3) Adults without small children willing to join us at all "Kids Eat Free" events. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: The qualified individual(s) will be required to pose as the "parent" to one of our children throughout the duration of a meal and during checkout.

QUALIFICATIONS:  A good sense of humor and table manners desired.  A clear understanding of the terrible injustice being placed on large families participating in "Kids Eat Free" nights when "only one child per paying adult" restrictions are being unfairly instituted, is required.  A flexible value system may be beneficial.

BENEFITS:  You will be allowed to choose which of our very cute children will be "your child" for the evening.  Reimbursement may include messes, jokes, laughter, bathroom trips, dessert requests, sibling squabbles, and moderately tasty food.  Payment in full at time of service.

HAZARDS:  Children can be unpredictable, have a tendency to whine at times, and may get you dirty.

BONUS:  You get to go home alone :)

 FINAL REQUIREMENT: Don't forget. Must also be willing to pay for your own meal.

INQUIRE: Via blog comment.


Anonymous said...

I will do it...I have Noah but he cant eat people food anyways.

Tricia said...

Um...I did this previously. Finally replacing me. Remember back...when you had 3 and I had one. Doesn't work anymore, does it?!

Krista said...

Jordan you are so sweet to offer. Watch out, I might take you up on it.

Tricia I do remember that. Why'd you go and have so many kids? :)