Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sharing Saturday: ReStore

Most people have heard of Habitat for Humanity but now we are more familiar with
our local ReStore organization. 

The website reports the ReStore Mission as the following...
"The Cincinnati Habitat ReStore is a building materials recycling center that provides a sustainable source of income to Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity. The ReStore accepts material donations from a variety of sources and uses new materials whenever possible in the construction of Habitat homes. The balance is sold to the public at greatly reduced prices.
Cincinnati Habitat's ReStore is an extension of our housing ministry. Your donation will benefit our entire community by offering low cost building materials and items to our customers and it will keep recyclable materials out of our area landfills. It will also help eliminate sub-standard housing in our neighborhoods through our home building efforts."

You can also donate your used/broken electronics and Ohio Drop Off will pay Habitat for Humanity for being a drop off location.  Check it out here.
We were really to have the opportunity donate our older cabinets, 2 sinks, 2 faucets, and countertops from our kitchen and half bathroom.  We also donated our dishwasher. 

They did come to pick up the donations, however, they recommend a $10 donation to offset delivery expenses. 

If you aren't local, don't forget to check out Habitat for Humanity and ReStore in your area.

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