Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Funnies: J's Checkup Gets A Little Uncomfortable

J was getting her 4 year old check-up last week and everything was pretty routine.  The doctor
reviewed with her that when at a doctor's office (with the permission of mom or dad) it was okay for the doctor to briefly look at her private parts to make sure everything is okay.

As the doctor took a very quick glance, J turned her head to me, made a perplexed little face,
and said very matter-of-factly,

"Now,  this is a little inappropriate."

Before she could finish saying it, the doctor was done and we looked at each other and slightly grinned.  What a big remark from such a little body! Poor thing was just uncomfortable and who wouldn't be?

Needless to say, we reviewed appropriate and inappropriate behavior again and reminded her that it is always okay to tell us if something or someone makes her uncomfortable. 

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