Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

Yesterday was not my best day.  It truly was a manic Monday.

I did the normal morning and lunch routines with all five kids.  We packed up and heading to JJ's therapy program.  The older kids didn't do their reading that day so they decided it would be a great idea for  L to read to them in the car since PT and J get car sick.  Sounded good to me.

We get out the door but later than I hoped.  We might be a little late.
I turn onto the main road at the exit of our subdivision. 
The other lane is completely torn up and there is no detour signs or visible traffic control.
The road workman at the end of the road sent traffic my way...head on!
I detour myself and find my way back to our starting point. Errrr.

I get out of the subdivision a different route.
We are stopped  for a lengthy time by the (previously mentioned) unseen traffic control person at  the intersection.  Now we are officially going to be late.

I make it to the highway and make decent time.
Then the highway comes to a stop for a little while for a wreck or something.
Now we are very late!
At least the kids are really content listening to the book.

I turn into a spot in the parking garage.
I start grab braces, snacks, my purse, and the diaper bag.
I hear the dreaded words for PT, "Mom, I am going to throw up!"
I throw myself out of the car and bolt to his side and...THE DOOR IS LOCKED!!
PT's cheeks bulge out as he tries to pry the impossible lock up.
He unlocks it and I whip the door open.
I lift him out and....SPLAT!
This splatter hit both of our shoes and severely blocked the car next to us from accessing their door.
(So very sorry Mr. Blue Car Owner)

Don't forget we are really late now.
J repeatedly comments how terribly DISGUSTING it is.
We hurry back into the car to move a few spots away from the splatter.
I look back in the mirror.
J's cheeks are bulging out too!

Again, I throw my body out of the car and run around to her side.
I grab her and whisk her out of the car and SPLAT!
Luckily, a much smaller splat this time.
I check on both of them and they confirm that they "feel good now" and that
they weren't reading the words but they were staring at the words and pictures the whole time.
I review what not to do if you get CAR SICK.

We practically run to JJ's appointment to be greeted by, "Great, we weren't sure we'd see you today."
Then a bunch of questions about our fall plans for therapy follow.
I assure them that this may not be the best moment to ask about my desire to keep making this trip
a couple times each week with a handful of small children.

We spend the next two hours keeping ourselves busy at the gift shop and walking around
which is tiring in itself.
We pick her back up and everything is back on track.

The kids play.
JJ enjoys a slice of fruit.
I go to wipe her mouth and simultaneously her gag reflex kicks in and SPLAT!
Right into my hand.
I think again, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
JJ just smiled at me sweetly.

I take CM back to her family, get some things done, and make it to bed later than I hoped.
(Actually, I make a bed on the couch due days of having a nagging cough.)
I am happy to leave some of today behind.
I am having a better night's sleep.
Then H comes down and flips on a light in the other room.
I sit straight up, a little startled and hazy.
"What's wrong? What's going on?"
He quietly says, "L just threw up."

All I can say,

Update:  Don't worry, all of the kids seem fine today and we had no further splatter issues.  However, H came home from work today and said he felt a little nauseous! 

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Tricia said...

Glad you survived.