Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Can't Miss the Movie

Any given weekend or summer night, you might find all three of the older kids camped out on the girls' bedroom floor in their sleeping bags.  It is as if they think it is a sleepover, of sorts.  They never complain that the floor is too hard.  Actually, they don't really even try to stay up late anymore.  

One of the first weekends that we had CM visit, I wanted to do something a little special for the big kids because they had been so patient and helpful.  While we tried to soothe the little girls into their bedtime routine, I set up a movie on the portable DVD player in the girls' room for them to watch.  They have never had a TV in their room so the idea went over well.

After the two little ones settled down, H and I got caught up in cleaning up, setting out clothes, checking email, etc.  Then J came down and whimpered that she was tired now.  I told that since she'd seen the movie before, she could go ahead and go to sleep.  I kissed her and she took off to her room.  

The kids were so quiet and content watching the movie.  It was great.  Then I noticed that it was getting a  little late, so I went up to check on them.  I opened the door to see the DVD player turned off and put away, and everyone sound asleep.  YEAH!!!!  I didn't think twice.  I kissed everyone and got ready for bed, feeling content about how responsible they had been.  A minor parenting victory!

The next day, I thanked them for cleaning up and going straight to sleep when the movie was over.  

L and P gave each other a confused look and said..."What? Wait a minute! J came upstairs and told us that you said that we HAVE TO turn off the movie and go to bed, so we did."

I looked over at J to see how she would defend herself this time...

He words said, "Well...I didn't want to miss the movie."

Her face said, "DUH."

That girl has a tricky little mind.  Watch out for that one. 

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Tricia said...

She's such a riot!