Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"A" is for Afro Circus!

I took the girls into my work with me
the other day.
They came home with some treasures...
Dress up props that my boss was looking to give away.
Julia with her clown wig.
Josie with a green boa.
Maryn with a pirate hat.
Julia's wig has sparked a new love for Madagascar 3's song regarding
the polka dotted Afro-circus.
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Josie is now requesting that I dress Julia up in a zebra costume to wear
with the wig for Halloween.
I think that she wants an excuse to go around singing about the polka dotted afro-circus.
The hubs and I can't help but laugh a little bit.
We have one daughter that is currently rockin' a super cute afro.
We love the fro.
But we think it might be a little much for two very white parents to
dress their beautiful black daughter up in a costume that
will spark others to sing/shout "Afro-circus."
Seems a little much, don't ya think?
Ironically, I just realized that Maryn is wearing a zebra print dress while sporting her fro
for preschool picture day!  Weird.
Julia can't decide between wanting to be a clown, Dora, Peter Pan, or a princess.
We're gonna let her decide :)

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