Friday, October 19, 2012

Spook-takular 4th Birthday Party

If you didn't catch my last post,
Julia just turned 4!
We couldn't help but celebrate
with a few of her friends.
Here is how it all came together to make for a spook-tacular boo-thday!
Isn't my Peter Pan cute?
This is what you do during a two hour football practice.
You make mummies out of Hershey bars.
Voila...Chocolate mummies!
Original idea from Pinterest here.
Goofy word play...ALL MINE!
Note, I didn't glue eyes onto cardboard.
I simply wrapped and twisted streamer around the bar and
secured with tape. 
 I glued eyes directly to the streamers.
Then I added the streamers to old candles and mummify them as well.
I pinned this onto my Holiday board Pinterest HERE,
but I can't seem to follow it to a blog.
Candy corn in a glass, add pumpkin PEEPS on skewers, and you get another centerpiece.
The ghost PEEPS would have made it even better.
Maybe next time.
NOTE PEANUT/TREE NUT FAMILIES...After much searching...Deals stores carry this brand of safe candy corn
since Brach's is not peanut/tree nut free.  It also looked like Meijer's brand candy corn was safe too, fyi.
Caramel "crack corn"
This is so easy and addictive.
The recipe is HERE.
Pillsbury break apart pumpkin cookies. 
Can't get much easier.
Funfetti cupcakes with Wilton bat and pumpkin sugar pieces.
I just added sprinkles from Target's dollar ($2.50 actually) bin...aka. "financial death trap."
Since Julia's party was a costume party, Josie came up with a clever idea. 
 She was Tinker Bell,
Julia was Peter Pan,
Maryn was a pirate!
The older guys didn't decide on a costume until last minute.
Leah is, Porter.  She is in his football gear.
Porter insisted on being a pumpkin and is sporting a toddler size costume.
We had simple, no glue, crafts in the basement where the
older kids took charge. 
We had some fun
and sugar overload as well.
Anyone else have good small kid
friendly Halloween party tips to share?


emily anderson said...

this is a great idea. i have 2 with birthdays within a week of halloween and i've always thought a costume/halloween party would be fun!
thanks for the inspo!

Krista said...

Thanks Emily. Let me know how your party goes! Target had simple $5 games too like hide and seek of the skeleton's bones.