Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a Difference a Year Can Make!

Some of you might remember when
 I posted about our littlest girls and their matching pajamas. 

You can check it out HERE.
Arm and arm my girls smiled and looked so loving.
I referred to Josie and Julia as "best frienemies."
The truth is...
I was worried at that time.
Exhausted to be exact.
Our family was having growing pains.
There was a lot of love, but
these girls were at each other's throats a lot.
My heart ached and pleaded for a glimpse into the future when the
blending of our family and the transition
would be better. 
More loving. 
I re-read what I posted on October 27, 2011, and it made me cry.
It is titled, I am Alive...For Now
and I wasn't kidding.
I still remember my worries.
I still remember praying for each of my children,
and for us, their parents.
I remember being overwhelmed
and feeling very inadequate.
I remember praying and crying.
I remember being angry sometimes.
It can be so hard to be honest about
difficulties as a parent,
whether you are a foster parent,
adoptive parent,
or birth parent.
It is hard to be honest with yourself,
much less with others
about the ugly times yet be respectful of
your spouse or childrens' privacy.
I am so glad that I wrote about it.
I feel blessed to be able to read those words,
and come back to you one year later
and say,
what a difference one year can make!
Just the other day, Josie's teacher wrote this on
her progress note...
"I love watching her say goodbye to her sister (Julia) in the hallway.
She gives her a kiss in her hand and tells her to save it for later.
Melts my heart!"

Oh my goodness!
My heart melted too.
I smiled ear to ear when I read this.
Finally, I got my glimpse into the future of an easier time.
Finally, perspective.
These two girls were close to
scratching each others eyes out not too long ago
and now they are sitting together on the bus
(although one has actually slapped the other in the face on the bus)
and loving each other
when I am not looking!
Our kids still bicker,
and fight,
and hit sometimes.
They, now, also play together!
They love to dress alike
and sometimes I find them holding hands.
Mostly, all five of them really enjoy teaming up against ME!

We are still working to not only ensure that Julia
develops a strong bond to each of us,
but also for each of us
bond to one another.
 Thanks for sharing this crazy
ride with us.

Note from January 2013:
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Aimee Nance said...

Beautiful! So happy for you!

Carrie said...

I'm so happy for you!! I have tears in my eyes. Peace among the kids is so important to a family's sense of well-being. You're obviously giving them the right foundation and the in-the-moment guidance to help them through this transition so successfully. That's a tough job, and the smiling faces are a wonderful symbol of the dedication each of you has to the family. You're an inspiration, Krista.

Renae said...

Beautiful story, what a blessing you have been!!

Heidi said...

Beautiful story!!!! And beautiful family!! We've also adopted from foster care. We have two boys, who we foster to adopted. They are now 6.5 and 3, they were in our home over two years before the adoption was final.

Krista said...

Renae and Heidi, thanks for stopping by!