Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Julia is 4!!

Julia is 4!
I can't believe it!
She has lived with us for just over one year
and as a family, we have come so far.
Here are some things that Julia wants you to know about her...
I love...
" the color purple,
 sausage for breakfast,
to play outside,
to put lipstick on,
going to preschool,
Mama and Grandma."
(Insert a happy sniffle from mama.)
Here are some things that I want Julia to know about herself...
My Julia, you are a strong girl
 In just one year, you have had to experience so many changes. 
You have learned how to love and to be loved by a new family,
 lived in not one but two new houses with us,
grown used to being surrounded by four siblings, two parents, and a dog,
helped choose your new name,
had to deal with missing people that you love and love you,
learned how to ride a bike and draw the letter "J",
and so much more.
God has his hand on you.
He loves you even more than I do.
We know that things can be confusing sometimes but we
want you to know that
we love you so much and will
never leave you.
You are our girl forever and we are so happy
that you are a part of this family.
You are learning new things everyday. 
You are a beautiful girl with an infectious laugh, gorgeous smile, and
the softest skin ever!
You are growing closer to us with each hug, kiss, giggle, and memory we make together.
We have some catching up to do.
I look forward to seeing how your wonderful future unfolds
and walking with you each step of the way.
You are loved by so many people...
to the Moon and Back!


Kara @me_and_elna said...

Beautifully written; happy, happy birthday to your little one! :)

Carrie Baird said...

So sweet- that kind of made me tear up ! Julia is a sweet girl and we are so glad to have you as neighbors !!

Krista said...

Thanks ladies! I teared up a bit too. Today was a good day.