Monday, October 29, 2012

A Stitch in Time

A long football practice was over.
Kids were all showered.
The three littlests were in bed.
Leah and Porter had 3 minutes before they were off to bed too.
The Hubs sat on the floor assembling Julia's bike for her birthday as
I prepared for the next day of school, a birthday celebration, and work for both of us.
The house was quiet!!
And then it wasn't.
 Do you see the actual tear running down his face? :'(

Porter was throwing a ball to himself in
a relatively open space in the basement.
Then he fell into the back of our couch
and somehow cut open his mouth,

He screamed!
It didn't look too bad, so I cleaned him
up and slowed the bleeding.
Then I noticed his mouth was opening a bit too widely.
The Hubs came over and I signaled to him that Porter
probably needed stitches.
Then, the "calm me" became "very light headed me."
I slowly lowered to the floor and put my head down.
Yep, I was getting ready to pass out!

I actually did it twice before
I conceded that I was not the right parent
to drive our son safely to the ER.

Those who know me well know that my issue is not really with blood or even
emergencies.  It is more about anticipating a procedure, and fear of my own or someone else's pain.
I do fairly well until the dust settles a bit and my mind,
against my will, imagines the pain.

I have a history of  passing out for this reason and have
a concussion in my medical record to prove it.
Embarrassing, YES!
Sissy, YES!

Three stitches later, he was good as new.
Numbing gel and an iPad made the experience "no big deal."

$100 ER co-pay (or more)
$5 Neosporin
$25 co-pay for removal of stitches
and the kicker...
 This lovely chap stick size scar reducing cream is
$21.99 for 0.07oz.

This stuff better work
because this little face
is priceless to me.

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