Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh Candy Corn

Today is Julia's Fall party at preschool.
Since I can't be there, I 
volunteered to bring the snack.

I traveled back to DEAL's to
buy some peanut/tree nut free
candy corn.
(Thank you Sunrise brand!)

I have planned for the kids to have vanilla
pudding cups and to add a 
few candy corn to the top for fun.

I put all of the items in a plastic bag,
tied it up,
and quietly put it in Julia's backpack to take to school 
with her yesterday.

While at work,  I get a call from the Hubs.
He was informing me that Grandma called and reported
that Julia secretly made it to her room with her

and opened the plastic bag...
and opened the bag of candy corn...
and ate 1/4-1/2 of the bag.

The good thing is that I had stashed an extra bag of candy corn in the pantry and
Grandma quickly took care of the whole thing.

The silver lining...
Julia shared with Maryn.


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