Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Hair for The White Mom: "Fro"

In case you just joined us,
you should know that I am a very white woman
raising beautiful children of different shades.
I wrote about Black Hair for the White Mom earlier this year.
Check it out HERE.

I want Maryn to have "free hair" for a little while .
This translates into a really cute "fro."
I washed,
and protected it in her night cap.
I was trying to prevent having her wake up with a,
as we affectionately call it.

Then I took it off  in the morning and found this...

and this...

Um, is that a helmet you are wearing my sweet girl?

My below average photography does not do this very tightly smooshed hair justice.
It is shaped a bit like a baby's head post natural delivery.

Of course, we were also in a hurry so I had to work quickly.
I grabbed the spray bottle of water and moisturizer and fluffed and separated her curls,
and hoped for the best.

Not so bad, if I do say so myself,
but honestly, Maryn could make any hairstyle work.
I also love to add a "fro-bow."

Thank goodness for the website,
and friends like "G"
for being a great resource.

It is funny how much thought and effort goes into all my kids' hair and mine
is often washed (or unwashed) and thrown up into a ponytail, wet or dry.
When I am feeling a bit crazy,
I might go the extra mile and add a little pizazz with a headband.

Somedays something has to give, and it is usually
personal hygiene ;)
Am I right moms?


Eileen Speidel said...

Super cute hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Krista---I LOVE YOU! You make me laugh!

Keep them coming!

Krista said...

Thanks ladies. Her hair looks so much better than mine these days!