Monday, January 21, 2013


Some of you might remember that I wrote about
I read that post again from May 2011, and it is so weird to read about
before Julia was a part of our family,
before we were absolutely certain of our adoption future,
before we had the right as their parents to have them baptized.

Well the wait to celebrate Julia and Maryn's baptisms
is over.
It was well worth the wait. 
Our pastor, David, made it so special.
We were able to incorporate Holy water from Howie's childhood parish,
water from Israel that a friend brought back for me,
and water from my parents house.

 Leah, also wrote a beautiful prayer, 
with a little help from Josie and Porter.

This is what it read (remember a 10 year old wrote it)...

Lord, today we are giving our two beautiful, wonderful girls that we love so much,
Julia Faith and Maryn Joy, to you.
You put them in our lives and now our family is complete.
We pray that you grant our hopes that you:
Keep them from harm,
Protect them from evil,
Lead them through the labyrinth we call life,
Forgive their sins,
Love them forever and ever,
Let them live eternally with you,
and give them a wonderful life.
These girls are a blessing to this family and we promise to guide them towards you always, Lord.
Thank you Lord, AMEN.

And if you ask the girls what happened to them, it sounds more
 like bath-tized.
It is too cute to correct them.
They said that we put water on their heads because God loves them so much,
and he does.

We got all gussied up,
(Thank you Tricia for the dresses.)
and left the house EARLY!
Can you believe it?...
Then we realized the gas light was on, 
so it took us a little longer that we hoped to get to church.

On the way, the kids were bickering and I said,
"Remember...What's this day all about?"
Four out of my five children proudly say, "GOD!"
Oh, but not Maryn.
Simultaneously, she shouts, "It's about CAKE!"
We all laughed and I thanked Maryn for clarifying for us.
Her sincere reply made it even funnier, 
"Oh, you're welcome."

It really was a beautiful experience for our family.
Here are just a few pictures of before and after,
since the pictures of the baptism
are on Uncle Brian's much nicer camera.

What a blessing!
Thank you to all of our family that could and could not be there
for all of your support along the way!

Also check out this post I wrote on Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
last year, called
I am Living It.
It's the truth.


Nicole R. said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family - inside and out. You are truly blessed!

Krista said...

Thanks Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pics!

:) Karie

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

Such a special day. Blessed to be a part of it!

Carrie said...