Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Desserts from the Baptism

Any good holy event needs sinful desserts, right?
For the baptisms, I made these treats.
This cake is easy.
I frosted the cake, cut out a cross out of a paper plate, 
and held it over the cake as I added sprinkles.
NOTE: You have to do it when the frosting is really fresh and moist or 
you will have little sprinkles bounce and roll right off...
all over your kitchen floor like mine!
I saw a picture on Pinterest,  and followed it HERE.

These very tasty cupcakes were not easy!
They were worth it, but I won't make them often because it has a lot of steps.
It is a chocolate chip cookie cupcake, 
hollowed out and filled with egg-less cookie dough,
with a chocolate chip butter cream frosting!
You can find the recipe I followed HERE.
Note: The batter made 30 cupcakes but I didn't have enough frosting to make it all
swirly and cute because of the extra cupcakes.

Now, if you want a yummy professional cake,
I have a talented friend who makes AMAZING cakes.
She has just started her Facebook page
so I'd love it if you'd check her out at

Hope that you all have a SWEET day.