Friday, January 25, 2013

That's My Girl

Sometimes it is hard to tell,
but Maryn has cerebral palsy.
She has been in therapy since she was just a few months old.
She had a stroke sometime as an infant which affects the use of the right side of her body.

The reason I bring it up now, is that when I was
going through old paperwork to file important adoption and foster paperwork
I came across some of the very 1st  notes from our visits with neurologists, therapists, and case workers.
It brought back a lot of emotion.
I recalled being so afraid for her health, fearful for her future,
pressure to be a good advocate for her,
thrilled with every new milestone she reached, thankful for all of the help she received,
in awe of her determination,
and determined to help her achieve her best.

Maryn is now three.
She is a rockstar.
She continues to get better and better
and is smart as a whip!
She is very independent and determined (causing many a battle around here lately).
God has his hand on this kid, let me tell you.
Day after day, we work with her on reaching new milestones like any
other parent.
She just happens to have some motor deficits that make it a little more challenging.
It hasn't really stopped her from anything.

But just every once in a while...
I still can become overwhelmed when I am faced with big decisions and plans for her, 
even thought I am an occupational therapist..
Botox shots or not?
Casting or not?
E-stim or not?
Which preschool can best meet her needs?
How do I teach her to swim?
That brace will cost how much?
Did the doc just say that they needed to do cognitive testing in a couple of years, just to be sure? 
But she's so smart!
Is this potty training issue related to her delays or just to being a stubborn girl?

I get a little choked up sometimes when I hear of a kid being left out for being a little different,
because I can't help but wonder if there isn't a mean kid or two that she might face someday.

These moments are rather rare because Maryn's
motor issues have become such a tiny part of who she is.
She seems to overcome whatever comes her way.
Her needs could be so much more involved.
Thank God that they are not.

She doesn't know anything different.
She sees something that she wants and she, like any other kid, finds a way to get it.
Our kids automatically encourage her to develop new skills and have been really
instrumental in encouraging her and modeling new things for her.
This kid really is going to continue to do great things,
but just every once in a while Howie and I worry.
Just for a minute.

Then she does something awesome like this...
This picture was taken by her awesome preschool teacher and emailed to me.
She said that Maryn picked up the cup with her right hand and did this, without prompts.
Way to go Maryn!
That's my girl!!

Now I need to go break up a cat fight between those three sisters.
Life just keeps going.


Carrie said...

Well said! That's your girl, all right!

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