Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love a Good Deal, Don't You?

We spent a lot of time inside during our winter break
as you can recall from THIS POST.

I had a bit of cabin fever (aka: clearance shopping fever)
and headed out to the grocery store (aka: everywhere but the grocery store)
to get a few things (aka: great bargains that I didn't really need).

Unfortunately, most of the clearance items were gone but I found a
few treasures.

 This huge wreath was at Michaels.
It was originally $149...I scored it for $29.99!

I wanted to buy this one at Kirklands before Christmas but it was $24.99...too much.
I grabbed the last one for $6!

These ear muffs are ridiculous, I know.
They are also so cute, and a fan favorite for the my girls at $4.48 at Target.

What girl doesn't need a white feather wreath, marked down to $6?
I have plans for adding holiday ribbon on it and using it for Valentine's Day
or Memorial Day.
I wanted to make one of these using a craft store form and boa but it would have
cost more than $6.
(I know, I am rationalizing.)

Did anyone else score good after holiday deals?
If you did, 
do you want to go with me next year?

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