Monday, January 14, 2013

Crazy Technology

Now I have seen it all...

Got $40 bucks to help get that kid out of diapers?
The iPotty will arrive this spring which is compatible with the iPad.
It is meant to keep kiddos entertained while he or she does his/her "business."
Check it out HERE!

Can you say over the top?
But who am I to judge? I still have one in diapers that clearly is above
sitting with books,
bribery, and wanting to get out of wearing messy drawers.
Who knows what I might resort to someday soon?

Facebook is also jumping in on the "crazy tech train."
They now have an app called,
It states that it can't really help you feel better but
it will help you find "someone to blame."
Read more about it HERE in the HuffPost Healthy Living article.

Please share about any apps/technology that you can't live without
for yourself or for kids.

I need some new ideas!
I welcome any crazy tech you've seen too.

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