Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Blog that No One Ever Read...

I had forgotten about where all of this blogging began until I saw these posts
from the original blog I started in 2008 named, One More Makes Four.
I never made it public and I had no idea what I was doing.
I just wanted to capture some of journey we were headed on to adopt a child...
from Ethiopia...
then a change of plans...
then through foster care.
Here is a quick flashback of what I wrote way back then...

Hello Everyone! To all who know me, know that developing a blog is not considered within my average skill set. ya go. I find myself having so many things that I am working on and working toward lately. This may be an avenue to share a little with you...and therapy for me. As you may know, Howie and I have decided to add to our family through an adoption of a child from Ethiopia. We have begun to research how to get our resources in line and we will await Josie's 1st birthday in June before the paperwork and home study begin. I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who have taken an interest, asked a question, or frankly not called us crazy to our face for wanting 4 small kids running around our home. This journey began many years ago when Leah, our oldest, was less than 1. Howie and I read a message in the church bulletin calling for adoptive parents. We experienced some change in plans since then, yet that has brought our family of 5 to a wonderful place. Leah is a strong, smart 5 year old...Porter is a creative, witty almost 4 year old...and Josephine is 10 months old and grinning and stealing our hearts. Howie and I could not be happier to see where we have been led and are so excited about what lies ahead. We welcome you to share in our journey. Posted 4/13/08


Wow! One year later and I haven't blogged since. So much has happened so I couldn't possibly caught you up. All we know is that life is quite different. Howie is doing a great job as a stay-at-home dad. I am getting back in the swing of things being back at work full-time. On top of all of the changes that this transition has brought, we are also so close to being a licensed foster to adopt family through the county. I find myself strangely patient and calm about the whole thing, while we wait. I am filled with excitement about this new journey in parenthood that has been years in the making, yet a little nervous about yet another transition. It also goes against the grain for me to have so little control over timing...we have no idea when we'll get a referral, gender, race, circumstances, etc. Strangely enough, this too is exciting. I just pray that we will be guided as to which referral to accept. You can only prepare so much, then you just have to trust each other and go for it!

The kids are doing well. Porter just graduated from preschool and anxiously awaits juming on that kindergarten school bus next year. He started t-ball and is a hoot! He pays more attention to the color of the dirt than to the ball, but he's having fun. He has become a daddy's boy, more and more since I went back to work :(

Leah has a few more weeks of school and loves to socialize with her friends. She moves onto a different school next year and seems excited about it. She is enjoying softball and has joined Porter's karate class too. She enjoys doing things for little kids like Josie and loves babies.

Josie has ceased biting, for the most part but can be a spunky little thing. I tried to give her a 2nd kiss on Wed morning and she turned her head and said, "I done with that!" I asked for just one more kiss and she again said, "No, I done." We love her curls and her facial expressions couldn't get much cuter now that she is growing into this little spirited personality.  (Note from 1/3/13:  When I read this I realized that I always thought it was Porter who did this!)

Well, enough for now. I hope that you all are having a good Memorial day weekend!
Posted 5/24/09

I don't know where this blog is taking me now,
but I am certain that I will love looking back...
and probably laughing at myself.
Enjoy the journey with me.

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