Friday, January 18, 2013

Not a Woman?

I was working with an elderly gentleman
and he was talking about his prayers.
He talked about thanking God each day that he is not a slave.
My thought...Amen!
He then went onto to say that he also thanks God, that he is not a woman
because of the many issues that women face.
My thought...You say what??

I have had time to think about it now.
His perspective and life experience is so different.
A lot of the people I work may not have born in the USA.
They have lived during and through times of terrible hardship and
sometimes, atrocities like the Holocaust.

Here I sit, as a woman, 
at my computer,
 in my safe home which I share with my supportive husband,
 filled with healthy kids,
sharing my views and beliefs openly online.

I don't think being a woman is so bad.
Frankly, I kind of like it.
I am a blessed woman.

But this man's statement stuck with me a bit.
It is a humbling reminder that being born a woman in this country, 
at this time in history,
into a family who loved me 
believed in me, 
where my needs were always met,
is a blessing
to never be taken for granted.

OK, so there are some womanly issues that are less than awesome,
and men's clothes look so much more comfortable,
but, heck I'll take it.



Carrie said...

Thank you for writing about this. Good food for thought.

Krista said...

Carrie,it made me think about our daughters too.