Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes- Bye Bye Boo Boo

You know what works for a bump on the head when your kid won't tolerate the ice pack??

A Boo Boo spoon

I know it sounds weird but a long time ago when my kids cracked their heads together, my mom proclaimed, "Get a metal spoon!"  I thought, "Really??  The kids wouldn't tolerate an ice pace or the "boo boo bunny" but they held the back side of the spoon to the rapidly growing knots on their heads for several minutes.  Believe it or not, it worked.  It may have something to do with the gentle pressure applied and the cool temperature of the metal...I don't know.  The point is that the swelling went down a little and the kids weren't uncomfortable from the temperature.

Not too long after that, PT (age 2 or 3) hit his head in a restaurant booth.  He cried and grabbed for the spoon he was eating with and put it to his head before I could stop him.  Unfortunately, it was plastic and covered with food.  While it had no effect on the swelling because of the plastic, he felt that it helped him sort of like a band-aid for some kids. 

Spoons are readily available and easy to use for a minor bump.  Try it next time and let me know if it works.  I hate to say it but sometimes Mom was right although I still don't think Vick's Vapor Rub can cure all things!

What works for you?

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