Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Funnies- Potty Humor

Today's "funny" was actually something that I left out of my post about Things I Never Thought I'd Do.  Beware readers, this one has potty humor in it and is not for faint hearted (just kidding).

The other day, J was using the restroom and proclaimed that she pooped and needed a little help with wiping on this one.  I hurried in and began the work.  What I hadn't noticed is that JJ had followed right in behind me while J was completely bent over while still on the toilet.  JJ scurried around the commode, pulled up, and with great excitement bordering on frenzy, dove her little hand in the toilet trying to grab a turd!  I had my right hand mid-crack and the left hand boxing out the 15 month old as she squealed with delight determined to retrieve a prize!  I just yelled, "AHHHH!!"  J started laughing too.  What a train wreck, seriously!

 I quickly brought the cleansing to a quick finish and lowered the other little stinker to the ground without injury!  Most importantly, her little hand never made it to the toilet water or to her sought after poopy-prize.  I consider this one big funny success!  But was I ever "pooped" after that!

Anyone else have potty humor that they wanna share?  It doesn't matter if it "stinks."  I am sure that it'll "crack" me up.  This is the platform you've been waiting for.

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Tricia said...

This one was just a bit too much for me with the jokes. Sorry for being a party-"POOPER". :)