Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funnies

I was working with a patient this weekend and she told me all about her story of caring for her husband with Alzheimer's disease for years.  Now, four years since his death, she is focused on recovering from her own medical issues.  She was peppy, funny, and motivated.  She teared up a little as she spoke of her beloved husband but bounced back with a witty joke and smile.  She said something that stuck with me..."I chose to laugh even when it really wasn't funny."  I asked her if I could use that one and she said, "Yes, use it over and over."  It works for her and I felt like that is how I cope sometimes too because sometimes if you don't laugh you'll cry (or scream).

On a different note (yet still related to humor), this year I decided that I wanted to do something for L and PT so that they will know that I am thinking of them when they are at school.   As you know, I love puns, although I am told that most of mine are groaners.  I found some kid-friendly jokes and puns on the web and printed them off and keep them in a baggie in the pantry.  When they decide to pack their lunch, I slip a joke into the lunch box.  Then at dinner, they have a joke to tell the family.  Half of the time, they roll their eyes but I know that they love it.  Now that they like to buy lunch, I should probably tape one to their snack. 

Now onto the important stuff...silly jokes.  Today's jokes came from the kids' popsicle sticks after lunch. I can't say that they are good.  Even I groaned at them...enjoy and have a great week!

*Why didn't the sun ever shine on the castle?
                        -It was full of knights!

*What kind of pets does a band have?

*What is an archeologists favorite type of music?

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