Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Funnies- I Didn't Do It...

As my 3 year old "J" played on the floor, I noticed that there was a "Sugar Babies" crushed into to my new carpet right next to her.  I remember putting my hands on my hips and stating, "J! Look!" and I pointed to the evidence.  That little girl didn't even look nervous and looked me right in the eye and confidently stated, "I didn't do it and you didn't saw me." 

What?? I saw the evidence and she is still denying it, really?  Aren't little kids supposed to crave their parents approval?  No, not this kid.  She can be sugar sweet, smart, witty, and helpful.  But sometimes she can be a little sassy and demonstrate a little pre-criminal behavior.  We joke that she'll grow up and go into law...which side is yet to be determined.  Sometimes she will do something wrong and look at us like we have inconvenienced her by catching her.  Her verbal skills are great so she can come right back at you with a response like, "You are really making me angry." or "This is just ridiculous."  Much to my disgust, one day she was so angry at me that she was stumbling over her words until she blurted out,  "Errrr, you are making me sick!!" 

To be perfectly clear, I do not tolerate the backtalk or lying and it is addressed immediately.  However, I also have observed that children are born with very distinct strengths and weaknesses.  Some are easier than other to parent.  I have also decided that as a parent, I need to be very careful not to squash the essence of those gifts.  It is merely my job to help them use them for good vs. evil.  Hopefully, J will be assertive and confident.  Hopefully, she won't tolerate disrespect from boys.  Maybe she'll be a lawyer or CEO or run a "tight ship" as a mommy .  Who knows?  I just can't wait to watch her future unfold.

Sunday  Internet Joke

Church Visitor

Gladys Dunn was new in town and decided to visit the church nearest to her new apartment.
She appreciated the pretty sanctuary and the music by the choir, but the sermon went on and on. Worse, it wasn't very interesting.
Glancing around, she saw many in the congregation nodding off.
Finally it was over.
After the service, she turned to a still sleepy-looking gentleman next to her, extended her hand and said, "I'm Gladys Dunn."
He replied, "You and me both."
- contributed by mbeckygrice

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