Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sharing Saturday Week 5

This week I have started to let go of some baby clothes and equipment by passing them onto to friends and to other foster parents.  Friends and family generously shared their baby items with us so it is our turn now.  I held onto some of my favorites with plans of making each kid their own baby blanket made of his/her own baby clothes.  Wish me luck.  You would think that after parenting four children through infancy, I would be happy to see it come to an end.  Of course, I won't miss the demands of it but rather the sweet newness of it each time a new little person joined the family. 

I also went to my friend's fundraiser for Girls on the Run.  She hosted a "Bow and Booze" party.  We brought some ribbon and a $10 donation and she provided us with bow making supplies and expertise.  Oh yeah, there also was food, good conversation, and booze, of course.  It was a blast!!  You should check out her bows and cute and affordable.

This week's choice maker is the dear husband, H.  For those who don't know, both of our families have a lot of men and women who have served or do serve in the military, including H.  He was in the Air Force after college and now works as a civilian in a similar role for them.  The recent events in Libya have brought further attention to the military's role all over the world.  Whether you agree or disagree with our government's decisions regarding the military, I would hope that we could agree that military families sacrifice so much in order to protect and defend people all over the world.  They deserve our support. 

This week, our family will be donating to the Air Force Assistance Fund.  Their work is described on their website in this way.
The Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) was established to provide for an annual effort to raise funds for the charitable affiliates that provide support to the Air Force family (active duty, retirees, reservists, guard and their dependents, including surviving spouses) in need. These organizations are the Air Force Villages, Inc., the Air Force Aid Society, Inc., the General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation, and the Air Force Enlisted Village, Inc. These organizations help Air Force people with aid in an emergency, with educational needs, or to have a secure retirement home for widows or widowers of Air Force members in need of financial assistance.

We will be taking time to pray for safety for our troops, support for their families, and wisdom for the leaders and decision makers of the world.  Won't you join us?

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Tricia said...

Thanks for the shout-outs. I love how your choices each week are so diverse, but also representative of the family!