Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Never Thought That I'd Do

First of all, we are still waiting to hear more about transitioning kiddo #5 into our house.  The frenzy has subsided and now I am just happy and anxious to get an update and to visit with her.  We have been praying for her daily and trying to think of ways to organize this house a little more.  It is like a different version of "nesting."

Did you ever imagine the crazy things you would do to parent your kids??  Here's a few that I might not have believed 10 years ago if you told me them about myself.

  • Be a mom to 4 kids (5 hopefully) of different races.  One with special needs and one with food allergies. After all, the day H and I got engaged, he said "Two.  That's it."  I agreed.
  • Be a foster and adoptive parent.
  • Go grocery shopping with four kids: one in the Baby Bjourn carrier, two in the horrid "car" cart (which is impossible to steer), and one walking and checking off the list.
  • Hit the baby's head (who is in the Baby Bjourn carrier) on the cart not once but twice in one trip.
  • Actually see your dog licking up your child's spit-up, think it is gross, yet be too busy to really care.
  • Hold a baby on your hip as you squat in the public restroom stall. Then you try to pull up your pants and buckle your belt with one hand while the beloved baby laughs as she keeps pushing the pants back down with her foot. 
  • Actually hear yourself say things like "Because I said so!" or "Eat. There are children all over the world starving."
  • Drive a van and have no problem with it.
  • Want a camper so that you can pile the kids and husband in and go across country someday.
  • Catch spit-up in your hand in public...more than once. 
  • Text your husband while he is boarding a plane to see if he'd like a 5th child.
  • Love some little people so much that some days your heart could explode....or your mind. 
I am sure that I'll remember more as soon as I publish this post, but it's a start.  But come on people, tell me what you've done that you never thought you would...


Tricia said...

I really never thought I'd pick my kids' nose...repeatedly. But someone has got to get that boogie so they can BREATHE!

Krista said...

That is completely disgusting!!! I would never do that!! Just kidding. Absolutely, that is a good one.