Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sharing Saturday- Week 3 "Feed Kids"

First of all, we all know that this week has been devastating for so many due to the tsunami and earthquakes.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected.   Some of the footage that I watched on television was truly unimaginable.   With all of the destruction seen in just a few days, we are trying not to lose focus of our own blessings and how to share just a little with others who need it. 

Well this week, PT finally decided what to donate to the Dragonfly supplies.  I reviewed with him the various options for donations and he finally said, "Stop giving me ideas.  You are messing up my head!"  I couldn't argue with that so off I went to get a few craft kits.  I know that my kids enjoy being creative so I think that he made a good choice. 

This week little J chose to "feed kids" which is very appropriate because this kid, herself, is driven by food.  She claims to be hungry about every half hour.  We will be donating boxed meals and cereal to our church's food pantry.  Also, the church is accepting financial donations that will be given to Kids Against Hunger.  Their website states that "every 6 seconds a child dies from hunger-related causes."  That is a horrible statistic and Kids Against Hunger offers ways to contribute to feed hungry children all over the world.  The average cost of a Kids Against Hunger meal is $0.23, per the website.  It is amazing what that quarter in my pocket can do. We have told the kids that we will match any donation that they choose to contribute out of their own money.  We will see what they each decide to do. 

I hope that this week is good to you all. 

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