Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sharing Saturday- Week 3

This week is PT's choice.  As a wrestler, he was involved in a wrestling event called "PIN Cancer" this year.  One of our district administrators is fighting cancer and this event was a sign of support.  Our family has also been touched by cancer several times, including my mother who had breast and uterine cancer. When we browsed local website for local causes, he instantly wanted to donate to The Dragonfly Foundation.  This organization was recently started when one family noticed that while the young boy that they loved was being showered with support and distraction during his chemotherapy treatments, other kids in hospital were not.  While I am not personally involved, I have a few friends that are and speak very highly of the work that they have already been able to accomplish in a short time. 

It is their mission "to bring comfort and joy to children being treated for cancer and other blood diseases at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center." They go on to state, "We are determined to provide distractions that will help ease the pain and fear these children and their families experience on a daily basis.  With time of the essence, The Dragonfly Foundation is acting quickly to provide comfort and joy to children living with, and sometimes dying of, cancer."

On their website, there is a tab labeled Connect where you can see various ways to become a dragonfly.  PT is currently a little indecisive due to multiple options but is leaning toward buying a toy or new art supplies.  I told him that we'll take some time this week to think about it.  What I didn't expect is that he got choked up.  He said that he thought it was sad that there are some kids that have to go through that.  He even said that it was a little scary when his best friend missed school for an asthma attack.  Then he said that he was afraid he'd get cancer.  I talked to him about that and explained that you can't "catch" cancer and that we are blessed to live in a world with great doctors and treatments.  He perked up and ran off to play.

So in the middle of the stress of getting all four of them fed, bathed and ready for bed, I had to pause and feel thankful.  I am blessed to have healthy children and we all are blessed to have many organizations like The Dragonfly Foundation to help when it is most needed.  So the kids got to play a little louder and longer tonight.  They stayed up a little later and the three oldest camped out in the girls room together.  We took time to pray for the people giving and those needing help and thanked, God, for our health tonight. 

I encourage you to check out their website.  There are great video clips and a clearer picture of their mission. 

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