Thursday, March 24, 2011

God Jar

Last week, H's mom called back to see what we had decided, in regards to possibly adopting another child.  She sweetly asked, "So have you both decided, or is it still in the "God jar?" 

What's a "God jar" you might ask?  Well, it started when Grandma was told of the concept from a friend and she passed it onto us.  She told me that when there are problems, concerns, and decisions that you can't seem to resolve, you need to put it in the "God jar" and allow Him to take care of it.  This "jar" is theoretical of course, but at our house, we have a tangible one.   This is especially helpful for our oldest, who becomes anxious very easily and has a hard time with letting some things go.  Now, we can write things down and put them in the jar.  (The tupperware is my dad's and L grabbed it out of the pantry.  I am hoping to get something a little more snazzy and leave it out on the counter.)

The "God jar" reminds us that we aren't alone and that sometimes we need to put down some of our burdens and fears that we can't take care of ourselves. 

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